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4 String Mutant Cookie Tin Banjo-Dobro-Slide Guitar "Unplugged" Mark Stowe

Playing the Mutant Cookie Tin Banjo/Dobro/Slide Guitar that I made. . .
The body is an old cookie tin and the neck is a 3 foot 1/2
... the tuning gears once belonged to an old beaten up and broken classic guitar.

This is "Unplugged" or acoustic . . . even though I do have it wired for sound with a Piezo Transducer, I wanted this video to give an example of the instrument's natural sound. Sorry about the ground or white noise in the video, ...I tried to use an equalizer on the video to remove the white noise but it altered the tone of the instrument, so I decided to leave the sound alone with no equalizer

I got the thing tuned to this weird (top to bottom) D-D-g-d tuning, which I thought sounded cool

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Comment by Randy S. Bretz on October 2, 2011 at 10:37am
sounds great...weird tunng or not

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