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"Frantic Gypsy Lost in the Mississippi Delta" acoustic slide guitar Mark Stowe

Just about a minute of a song I'm gonna call "Frantic Gypsy Lost in the Mississippi Delta"
Not a Homemade Instrument. . .but it is one that I had to do some heavy repairs to.
My dad found this guitar along the side of the road back in the mid-90s. It had serious damage to it. The fret board was separating from its neck. Even after I glued it back together, the string action remained high. So I decided to use it for slide guitar. Even with the amount of abuse this guitar has faced over the years, it still manages to project extremely well.
Tuned to open G (D-G-D-G-B-d). I mainly use this guitar when I'm playing Elmore James and Robert Johnson songs. However the riffs in this clip are inspired more by Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin III.

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