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Here is a song to celebrate friends......it is golden to have encouragment, from a friend, it is an honor and blessing to be the giver , of encouragements....sometimes making a huge difference..I've been on both sides of the fence......, and this song is my way of confirming the value of friends and compassion. Listen carefully to hear the lil bird singing at start and end......thankyou so much for lovely comments left..I'm so busy I don't always reply back, but I really do appreciate your listens and kind words left! XOs, Laurie
PS--this is the LRC, a custom lap steel, a 6 string which can be seen at Barry Evan Russ's page, Recorded using a lil vintage Fender keyboard "sidekick" amp into which both Shure Mic and the guitar were plugged...recorded with my freestanding Roland Edirol R-09 , positioned at a distance....not perfect, but I get by!!LOL...unable to add reverb to the vocal, just..a simple recording.

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Comment by Laurie Lee Campbell on July 28, 2010 at 5:23pm
Thankyou e guertin,..the edirol was a good investment....held together with love--dropped and almost broken some time ago....!
it makes amazing recordings all on media smart card. The tuning is open D.... DADF#AD
it might be slightly off, as as added a new string.....they slip a little!
it's a real fun guitar to play.

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