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  • Soprano Uke for my 3 year old

    Soprano Uke for my 3 year old

    Not a bad little uke...the box is kinda plunky and I dont like the strings, but I can always change… Spencer Dec 10, 2009 21 views

  • CBMandolin


    2nd mandolin out the gate...I think it came out really well. Its missing both E strings at the time… Spencer Dec 10, 2009 20 views

  • Conga Sample

    Conga Sample

    happened to be bored one evening... an introduction you to my low rent set-up Spencer Dec 10, 2009 21 views

  • First Uke Ever

    First Uke Ever

    my how far we've come...still sounds good though Spencer Dec 10, 2009 24 views

  • CBG


    old school bullet bridge...dont use that no more, but it's still pretty cool. I actually never like… Spencer Dec 10, 2009 26 views

  • CBDulcimer


    humbucker...kinda cool Spencer Dec 10, 2009 22 views

  • CBDulcimer


    love the capo idea on this stuff Spencer Dec 10, 2009 23 views

  • Stomp Box

    Stomp Box

    used to make these...I guess I still do, just not usually out of cigar boxes Spencer Dec 10, 2009 100 views

  • No Burger, I Cry

    No Burger, I Cry

    my wife used to never let me eat anything good...so I'd cry Spencer Dec 10, 2009 4/5 stars 46 views

  • cbg


    jukejointcbg - created at http://animoto.com Gene Dec 10, 2009 25 views

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